Animal Art To Get Your Paws On

Flamingo collage framed art print

Who isn’t an animal lover? Well, scrolling through Facebook, we can’t think of many people who don’t appreciate a bit of creature comfort. Even if you’re not the kind to have ten cats prancing around your windowsills, a piece of animal art resting on your wall, not waiting for a walk, could be just the thing.

Some fun animal prints are the perfect way to animate your home and add a touch of character. There’s so much to choose from, whether it’s a sweet elephant illustration for your children’s bedroom or a witty giraffe caricature for the living room. Check out our top picks below:

Animal Crew

Animal Crew is an art studio based in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles. They create a signature collection of humorous and classy animal portraits with a difference.

If you’re looking for a walrus dressed like a gentleman or a hipster, a flaneur zebra or a cat from the wild west, Animal Crew’s bespoke colourful animal art prints have the answer.

Made from original oil paintings using a variety of techniques and materials, every piece is completely unique. With a soothing palette of pastel hues like blue, purple and soft browns, these animal paintings have the colour scheme of a classic car with the flair of contemporary art.


















Mr Giraffe by Animal Crew


Terry Fan Animal Art

Trained at Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, the masterful Terry Fan blends together graphite, ink and modern digital design to create enticing work.

Terry Fan’s animal art comes in a variety of different styles. His collection features some magical illustrations perfect for your children’s bedroom.  Featuring giant whales adventuring at sea and sweet elephants floating across the sky, Fan’s animal art is the stuff of dreams.

But you don’t have to miss out if you’re looking for something more mature either. Fan also crafts some minimalist monochrome art, like his cosmic image of a jellyfish, or cut-out buffalo. Playing with more adult themes, you can also find an elephant clutching a glass of wine and some darker tattoo art prints, for all kinds of ink enthusiasts.





























Flamingo Art by Lisa Argyropoulos

Lisa Argyropoulos loves to combine her talent for art, design and photography. Take a prowl through her bright collection of tropical art prints to see what we mean.

The flamingo makes a wonderful addition to a contemporary home, adding that coral pop that will look amazing next to a big house plant. Choose a flamingo print close-up for a burst of intensity or a more subtle patterned flamingo print in warmer or cooler tones.







Animal Art By 83 Oranges

Design studio, 83 Oranges has a tasty selection of animal art prints in store for you. 83 Oranges specialise in vibrant prints with plenty of plant life to spruce up your home. Continuing with the flamingo theme – because they’re great – 83 Oranges serves up a striking flamingo collage of these birds cooling off at the beach. Flamingo lovers can also find a bold digital print of flamingos chilling in front of complimentary colour blocking.

A diverse studio, check out their monochrome photographic print of a strong-horned buffalo if you want to make a statement. They also have a selection of illustration art including the jellyfish print featured below.









Hipster Animal Art By Ali Gulec

Istanbul-based artist Ali Gulec delivers a surreal selection of animal art for the coolest homes. Whether you are a fan of chic camper van art, motel art, or simply a music and tech geek, you can find animals living the dream lifestyle in Ali Gulec art prints. Additionally, the artist’s use of colourful shapes to frame these cool animals tops off the style appeal of this urban art.

Gulec’s rich collection includes a Lomography cool cat print, a Llama that travels VW style and a surreal pop art dog-turned-Lemon. The otter spinning decks atop the city is one for the aspiring DJ.













Graphic Design By Robert Farkas

Graphic designer Robert Farkas’s prints at first look like a blot of inky colour on paper but look closer and you’ll find a mysterious animal. Robert Farkas prints use digital design to realise animals through brush strokes. His favourite motif of a wolf depicted through layered images really brings this heroic creature to life. Or if you’re looking for something with that hipster feel, opt for one of his triangular images like the mystical astronaut riding a unicorn. You’ll find in his animal art everything from a wildlife Rorschach print to a rockstar panda. The contemporary art prints will add a quirky and energetic feel to your space.























Graphic Animal Art By David Babies

The talented artist, David Babies, based in Colorado creates atmospheric animal art. He blends together sepia landscapes with animal outlines to create a double exposure effect. Or, an animal peephole into another land. David Babies also boasts an array of animal art prints that feature strong geometric lines, which give the images a 3D effect – the work of an accomplished digital artist. A great addition to the homes of minimalist art fans.

















Adorable Animal Illustration By Laura Graves

A designer and illustrator from Toronto, Laura Graves animates sweet animals with a pop of colour. With the focus on a delicately drawn animal such as an otter or tiger, she then goes in and illuminates the animal illustration with vivid decor. Featuring designs like including paisley print, bubbles, feathers and pops of watercolour. You can even find her animals snuggled in carefully detailed cosy knitwear.

Laura Graves art infuses playful innocence with a bright bohemian feel. Her sleeping kittens in a tangle of strings can’t help but bring joy to your home. So, whether you’re looking to add an adorable otter to your children’s room or a very indie looking bear to your office, here is the answer. Laura Graves’ illustrations are like the most beautiful doodles you can imagine.






















Animals Landscape Prints By Kevin Russ

Nomad artist Kevin Russ travels the world to bring you breathtaking pictures from the middle of nowhere. Using film photography, he captures analogue prints of animals in sparse landscapes. his image of a bold creature walking the streets beautifully matches the arch of the animal with the landscape as he moves forward into the beginnings of a dramatic storm. In another image, he captures the flight of a solo bird in stark isolation. A wall with his animal prints on it will add a sense of the great beyond to your home.

The cool shades of Kevin Russ photographs make them a perfect choice for any space. With such a natural colour palette, these animal art prints will slot onto your wall like a window into the great outdoors.




Animal Collage Prints by Sammy Slabbinck

Collagist and illustrator, Sammy Slabbinck combines animals with elements from vintage photography to create his surreal and witty animal collages. Our selection includes a business lunch of deer composed of a black and white photograph invigorated with a colourful backdrop and vibrant flowers. You can also get your paws on a serene feline tribute to John Lennon.





Digital Papercut Illustrations by Yetiland

Yetiland’s Sjoerd Piepenbrink creates beautiful graphic illustrations inspired by childhood stories in the style of paper cuttings. Crafting this angular cut-out effect, Yetiland depicts playful scenes of animals at home in nature.

Yetiland’s collection of work feels boisterous and full of adventure. Magical landscapes are beautifully crafted to house both woodland creatures and the lions of the Savannah. We love the way trees like claws arch around a blazing sun to frame a wandering fox in the snow. Check out the I is for Impala print too, if you like a good cliff-hanger.






Animal Portraits By Balazs Solti

Illustrator Balazs Solti is best known for his humorous black and white prints of animals. With a light, sketchy touch animals are parodied as victims of pop culture, just like us. Sometimes you just need a Panda All You Need Is Love print to remind you of that, or a cheeky pug to encourage you to Break The Rules.

Animals with every swirl of fur carefully drawn are surrounded by the dust and smear of graphite so it feels like the art was completed just moments ago. It’s this attention to detail in Balazs Solti’s work that creates intricate portraits with such an authentic feel.















Eclectic Animal Illustrations By Jazzberry Blue

Artist Jazzberry Blue, from Toronto, uses a warm and inspiring psychedelic colour palette for her animal art. Capturing inspiring fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood and stories in joyful illustration. Jazzberry Blue’s art includes an eclectic selection of artfully drawn maps and book covers. She really knows how to bring that 60s colour scheme to life in a modern way. Her pictures are sure to light up your home and spirit, a perfect gift for culture-loving friends.


Flock of Penguins by Jazzberry Blue














Upbeat Pug Art Print By Dale Keys

A fun pug cartoon print to remind you to ‘pug it out’ when times get tough. Illustrator and graphic designer, Dale Keys is here to make you smile with his witty and heartwarming art. The positivity of Dale Keys art is reinforced through happy colours that will lift your walls and your mood. One more thing – let’s all applaud this fun tribute to bro love.


Pug It Out by Dale Keys


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