Skull Art For Your Living Room

Room Skull Art

So Damien Hirst isn’t the only guy who can make a masterpiece out of a morbid symbol. On arthaus we have a bespoke collection of covetable skulls to peak your artistic interest. The centerpiece of Hamlet and also your living room, check out this dazzling selection of skull art to update your contemporary home.

Ali Gulec’s Fantastic Skull Art Ensembles

No matter what way you look at it, mortality is at the top of life’s agendas. So why not embrace it with some stylish wall art?

Choose a mind-bending black and white photographic style print if you like to find your skulls in dark places. A couple of cats living in a derelict house look on to a chilling wooded backdrop. So choose this print if you want to add some mystery to your space. Or opt for an alternative music mash-up, with a lively retro pile of broken cassettes arranged into a skull in Gulec’s Home Taping.

Gulec also masterfully uses skulls as a backdrop for an array of psychedelic, fantasy, cosmic and floral camo prints. Inspired by Mexican skull art, the artist injects life and vibrancy into a morbid symbol.




































Rockstar B&W Skull Art Print

The design team, Nicebleed creates an exciting selection of mixed media prints that mesh together drawing with graphic design. The black and white skull artwork feels like a witty take on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon album cover, with the skull’s astrological surroundings and moon rock texture. A strong symbol for any energetic musician’s room.



Floral Skull Art By Terry Fan

Trained at Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, Terry Fan cleverly blends together graphite, ink and modern digital design to create striking pieces.

Enjoy some abstract flower art with a difference in Fan’s depiction of a flourishing skull drifting away in the breeze, a joyful celebration of life and mortality. You can also find in Fan’s Memento Mori print a fun use of tattoo floral art rendered through dark symbols like crows and rose petals.


A Beautiful Death by Terry Fan


Graffiti Skull Art By Famous When Dead

UK based artist, Famous When Dead plays with pop culture in clever and contemporary ways. A master of collage, skull art is graffitied onto torn floral wallpaper with acidic, punk colours. Choose this art for a splash of texture that you can’t always find in print.


Mexican Skull Art By Yetiland

The artist Yetiland uses a papercut effect inspired by childhood stories to create sharp, jagged edges. In the style of Mexican skull art, a burning sun reveals a skull dressed up and ready for the Day of the Dead parade. In another rendition, some juicy sweet orange peel unravels into dark mortality.


Sugar Skull by Yetiland



Geometric Skull Art By David Babies

David Babies cuts skulls digitally as if from crystals to create truly three-dimensional graphic art. A Babies skull print on your wall will dazzle you with blazing ruby eyes and a pop of colour.




Vintage Skull Art By Mike Koubou

Mike Koubou is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Athens. His skull art prints boast a vintage texture and colour scheme with a modern hipster gentleman’s style sense. A rosy hue tints his handrawn illustrations with a warmth that goes way back. Geometric elements like circles and stripes give this skull artwork a sense of abstract landscape. His contemporary skeleton character portraits are a natural addition to the coolest urban homes.








Tarot Skull Art By Wesley Bird

Wesley Bird is an art director, illustrator and designer based in Los Angeles. With top clients like Urban Outfitters and Nike, her bespoke prints are in demand from the chicest people in the fashion world.

Bird’s mystical skull art makes use of a vintage skull design combined with a butterfly. Surrounded with a touch of magic, the head spins on a pile of tarot cards surrounded by modern digital symbols like a crown, eye and arrow. Graphic design perfection.


TRUE SIGN by Wesley Bird


Black and White Skull Art By Tobias Fonseca

A cold, hard skull booms with love and animation in this beautiful skull art by artist Tobias Fonseca. With influences from Japanese art, the skull is decorated with floral prints and clouds and a slight wash for antique appeal.

The simple, black and cream aesthetic makes this bold print the perfect choice set against a more minimal interior or popping out against a strong pink wall. Enjoy the play between life and death!


Balazs Solti’s Illustrative Skulls

Hungarian Illustrator, Balazs Solti, depicts the many different faces and shades of skull art.

Choose a colourful punk skull in a splash of watercolour framed with a triangle for hipster credentials and angular lines. Or go for something a bit more sketchy in graphite with the meeting of a slick gentleman and a pop art poster feel.

A memento mori with a bright difference, embrace mortality as Solti invites you to colour death in. Meet the ensemble of characters from dashing 50s dudes and ghostly Victorian figures staring death in the face. Native Americans elements bring feathers and dream catchers into the mix with a hint of the the wilderness.






































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