Iconic Film Poster, TV and Comic Book Art Prints To Light Up Your Living Room

Film and TV Movie Posters Art Print

The Collins Word Of The Year in 2015 was ‘binge-watching’. Derived from binge-eating and binge-drinking (not that they don’t go hand-in-hand), binge-watching defines a new era of consuming our favourite films and TV shows in one big gulp. It’s no wonder then, that the top artists of today have been turning their creative hands to the graphic film poster, TV show art prints and alternative comic book posters. So you don’t have to turn to Netflix to remember your favourite line from No Country For Old Men, you can have it planted on your wall instead.

We devote days of our lives to celebrate and swallow-whole shows like Breaking Bad and the Star Wars franchise. So it’s only right that we should pay tribute to these cornerstones of great entertainment by allowing them to transcend the screen to light up our living rooms.

Check out arthaus’s collection of the best movie posters ever:

Marvel Comic Posters By Chungkong

A superhero is not defined by their super power alone but a colour helps them stand out from mere mortals too. Specialising in pop culture, Chungkong creates a collection of sophisticated Marvel comic film posters that will fit just as well in an office space as a bedroom. So you have the Dark knight himself emerging from black in this Pantone inspired Batman poster. Then there is the great Hulk, Wolverine and Superman standing out from their colour-block backgrounds with a striking cape or slashing claws.

Batman Comic Book Poster By Chungkong


Spiderman Comic Poster by Chungkong

Superman Film Poster by Chungkong

The Hulk Poster by Chungkong

Wolverine Comic book Poster by Chungkong

Vintage Star Wars Posters By Terry Fan

Terry Fan blends graphite, ink and modern digital design to clash pop culture with vintage photography. With a generous dose of Victorian portraiture, the vintage film prints depict all of your favourite Star Wars Characters. In Sepia tones, a clone trooper stands as war hero, Yoda as Sir Yoddington.










Pulp Fiction Film Poster by Ale Giorgini

Italian illustrator, Ale Giorgini, started to draw as a child and hasn’t stopped since, which comes as no surprise when you note the sense of wonder in his illustrations. With Giorgini’s Pulp Fiction film poster you can find all your beloved bloody gangsters in one place, at the infamous Hawthorne Grill.


The Big Lebowski Illustration By Ale Giorgini

A tangerine-hued tribute to the Coen brothers’ iconic The Big Lebowski. Giorgini’s distinctive illustration style, shaped by strong angular lines and an assemblage of characters and plot. The Big Lebowski poster wraps a legendary film into a vibrant image.

Back To The Future Poster by Ale Giorgini

Who doesn’t have a warm place in their hearts for Back To The Future? So why not return to that place again and again with this midnight-hued illustration?

The Royal Tenenbaums Film Poster By Ale Giorgini

A bubblegum pink depiction of your favourite Wes Anderson picture. If there’s anything Wes Anderson does best, it’s colour coordination. Making The Royal Tenenbaums a perfect subject for this illustrated film poster. We love the matching father and sons tracksuits in the middle!

Blade Runner Film Poster by Ale Giorgini

An edgy mixture of electric blue and pink tells the story of this neo-noir thriller by Ridley Scott. Add a Blade Runner poster to your home to celebrate this futuristic cityscape.

Django Unchained Film By Ale Giorgini

Show your love of Quentin Tarrantino movies with this alternative film poster by Ale Giorgini. Additionally, the classic colour palette of gentlemanly greys, greens and burgundy make this a great piece for your study.


Breaking Bad By Ale Giorgini

The series may be over but we’re still loving its legacy. Proof that the world of Walt’s surprising drug venture can still live on in your living room with this grungy green Breaking Bad poster.

Breaking Bad Poster In Yellow By Ale Giorgini

If green isn’t your thing, then check out this dawn lit illustration of Breaking Bad, with two planes heading ominously to breaking point in the background.

Blue Breaking Bad Poster by Ale Giorgini

As that famous film triad goes, all the best things come in three colours. Much like Walt’s ups and downs in Breaking Bad this film poster shows the cool side of the meth lab antics.

The Walking Dead Film Poster By Ale Giorgini

A deathly grey and grotesque green conjures the collection of men and zombies that make up this cult classic. A horror film poster which will also get your pulse racing.

Grand Budapest Hotel Poster By Ale Giorgini

A candy floss pink and pastel blue illustration of another Wes Anderson favourite: The Grand Budapest Hotel. A quirky poster just like the film to revive and liven up your living space.

Acquatic Life with Steve Zissou Film Poster by Ale Giorgini

Enjoy the eclectic mixture of ¬†colourful character’s from Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou and dive into an underwater world with this playful film poster.

The Sopranos By Ale Giorgini

The ending of The Sopranos is one of the most talked about things in TV history. So why not immortalise the show forever with a framed art print of the gang by Ale Giorgini?

Batman Poster By Ale Giorgini

A colourful, comic book style rendition of a classic Batman film poster. Kapow!

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas by Ale Giorgini

Enjoy all of the acidic colours of Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas with this psychedelic trip of a film poster by Ale Giorgini.

Die Hard Film Poster By Chungkong

The Netherlands-based Designer Chungkong strips cult films and books right down to their core materials in this bold series of film posters.

A Die Hard cult classic, this minimalist art print shows everything you need to be a Bruce Willis action hero and you never know when that might come in handy…

Bad Boys Minimal Movie Poster By Chungkong

Another Badass classic movie poster for all the fans of those 90s Bad Boys.

Deadpool Movie Poster By Chungkong

Revel at home with the ultimate anti-superhero reminding you that you can still be a normal, funny guy and save the world.

Reservoir Dogs By Chungkong

The Reservoir Dogs Film Poster by Chungkong is a contemporary take on pop art only featuring your favourite Quentin Tarantino shoot-em-up.

Mad Max Movie Poster By Chungkong

If you loved the apocalyptic race across the desert in the epic Mad Max movie, then you will really like this full throttle poster in fiery yellow.


Bullitt Film Poster By Chungkong

Also in Chungkong’s masterful collection of the best film posters, a Steve McQueen 60s classic, BULLITT.

Ghost Busters Poster By Chungkong

You will have to look twice at this one if you don’t spot the title. Once you read the caption ‘who you gonna call?’ though, you’re sure to know the answer. In fact, that’s what we love about Chungkong film posters, they remind us of our favourite film quotes of all time.

Taxi Driver Movie Poster By Chungkong

Classic films take very little explaining, which is why the simplicity of the cab print combined cleverly with pistols works so well. Graphic, minimalist and on-trend.


The Martian Film Poster By Chungkong

What does any good astronaut say when they are left stranded on mars? “I’m going to have to science the shit out of this”. A film poster for The Martian and a brilliant reminder of man’s capacity to go against all odds.


Trainspotting Poster By Chungkong

The Trainspotting alternative movie poster clashes our love of the cult film with its dark reality.

Easy Rider film Poster by Chungkong

A tale of vagabond hippies to top all others and the best film poster for minimalist art lovers, check out this bright Easy Rider Poster by Chungkong.


West Side Story Art Print by Chungkong

Who doesn’t need a bit of inspiration from one of the most-loved Broadway musicals of all time? Also, a striking minimalist film poster with a great eye for symmetry and apartments full of dreams.


The Bourne Identity Film Poster By Chungkong

It’s hard, having an identity-crisis when you’re being mysteriously pursued by assassins too but it makes for the best movie poster. Additionally, a punchy combination of purple and yellow in the form of a swirling print doesn’t hurt.


Pulp Fiction Movie Poster By Chungkong

Another rendition of the cult Pulp Fiction classic into a brilliant alternative film poster. There’s nothing like a splash of blood accompanied by an ominous “it was an accident” in this gory art print.

Back To The Future Film Poster By Chungkong

Time travelling doesn’t come easily, you have to make some difficult energy decisions. Hence, “Are you telling me this sucker is nuclear?” and that line is immortalised for all time through this graphic poster.


Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas By Chungkong

Fear And Loathing is one wild ride of a film and this alternative movie poster is no different. In muted brown tones though, it will fit into your home more tidily than that Vegas lifestyle.


Birdman Movie Poster By Chungkong

The one-shot style intensity of Birdman is unforgettable, and you can never forget it with this clever Birdman film poster.

Fargo Minimal Poster By Chungkong

Another great take on the Coen brothers epic film, Fargo.

The Italian Job Poster by Chungkong

Who can look at cute coloured minis without thinking about the legendary film, The Italian Job. You can celebrate its style with this chic film poster too.

Anchorman Movie Poster By Chungkong

A bold and minimal depiction of Anchorman by graphic artist Chungkong.

Drive Film Poster by Chungkong

There are few films better-looking or more deserving of being made into one of the best film posters by Chungkong as Drive.

No Country For Old Men Classic Film Poster By Chungkong

What better way to show off your cultural prowess than to add a tribute to the Coen brothers’ classic and one of Javier Bardem’s best performances into your space.


The Dark Knight Poster By Chungkong

Another great number from Chungkong’s minimalist movie posters and a reminder of the late Heath Leger’s epic portrayal of The Joker in The Dark Knight.

Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey Poster by Chungkong

A cosmic minimalist film poster from the Stanley Kubrick masterpiece.

Urban Outlaw Classic Film Poster By Chungkong

An ode to the Porsche and a great gift for classic car and film lovers out there, this graphic Urban Outlaw poster is a stylish choice too.

Point Break Minimalist Movie Poster By Chungkong

The Chungkong point Break film poster is one for all the extreme sports lovers and movie buffs out there.

The Great Gatsby Film Poster

A decadent Baz Luhrmann romp and a classic Fitzgerald novel, nothing has more iconic features than The Great Gatsby. Like, that green light, that yellow car…invite some of the romance of Gatsby into your home.

The Blues Brothers Poster By Chungkong

You hardly need the title of the film to recognise this musician’s favourite. Additionally, it makes a bold and cool statement as a framed art print.

Roman Holiday Poster By Chungkong

We choose our film posters based on the most thrilling and the most nostalgic movies we want to remember. So, add a girly and romantic flourish to your home with this classic film poster.

Scarface Gangster Film Poster by Chungkong

There’s not a lot we need to say about how great Scarface is, and this minimalist poster knows that too.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s Audrey Hepburn Movie Poster by Chungkong

All classic actresses can be recognised by their iconic silhouettes alone, so invite some of hepburn’s elegance into your bedroom.

The Dark One Star Wars Poster By David Babies

It’s not too difficult to spot the dark force in a sea of clone troopers in this graphic film poster by David Babies.

Zissou The Bear Wes Anderson Poster By Laura Graves

Laura Graves is an artist specialising in whimsical illustrations. In this one, the infamous red beanie from The Life Aquatic has found its way onto an intricately drawn bear.

My Big Bang Theory By Chungkong

The best thing about the Big Bang theory is its unforgettable characters. So here Chungkong shows us just how well we’ve come to know them with this witty ‘hair theory’.

Darth Vader Star Wars Poster By Bianca Green

Maybe the dark force just needed a bit of psychedelia in his life. That’s certainly what playful artist, Bianca green thinks in this illustrated film poster.

The X-Files TV Poster By Chungkong


Back To The Future Posters by Robert Farkas

Robert Farkas displays his unique style of worlds emerging through a slash of paint to celebrate our favourite Back To the Future characters in these star-filled film posters.


Volkswagen Meets Super Hero Comic Book Posters By Chungkong

A classic campervan to suit all our favourite superheroes. So you get to pick between Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Ironman and decide which journey you would most like to go on.










Andy Warhol Style Star Wars Art Prints By Chungkong

Wittily titled ‘My Star Warhols’ this collection by Chungkong is a tribute to pop art choosing one of our favourite parts of pop culture: Star Wars. These minimalist film posters add a sharp colour contrast to any space and draw you in to work out which Star Wars character you will find on the soup can.










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