Botanical Prints, Tropical Vistas and Rolling Landscapes – Bring the Outside in Through Nature In Art

Botanical Art Print

Scientists have found that spending time in nature makes us a whole lot happier and can even improve brain functions like memory. In fact, what has also been noted, is that images of nature can have a strong effect too. So for those of us who don’t always have the time to take a stroll in the wilderness but would still like to invite a good dose of happiness into our homes or workplaces, finding nature in art could be the answer.

We’ve put together a selection of our favourite nature prints and landscapes that will always offer a room with a view. So with lustrous images of tropical leaves, ethereal misty forests and humble depictions of woodland creatures, you can find the scene that evokes the place you love the most.

Tropical and Haunting Art Prints By 83 Oranges

The specialist design studio, 83 Oranges, blends photography, illustration, and graphic design to create their unique modern art prints. Nature in art comes in many different forms, tropical and bright, or dark and mysterious are a couple of them that you will find in these bold artworks.

In the more pop art prints from this trendy studio, the lomographic tinted ocean art is met by a brilliant pink skyline, or a swash of chalk pink paint. As well as this, the contemporary matching of plant prints against a coral pink backdrop will add flourish to any space. Also, you can opt for the quirky topography print which actually combines the word flourish with against something a bit more fruity. Somethin for those font lovers out there.

83 Oranges also captures a bevy of vast landscapes showcasing isolated forests. Valleys slope off into the distance and paths lead off into cloudy mist. As if frozen in time, the landscape prints depict a reality that we don’t usually get to see, occasionally tinted with a human touch of candied red.
















Nomadic Photography By Kevin Russ

The artist Kevin Russ travels the world to bring back photographs from the great beyond. Rendering isolated subjects like a wandering buffalo or abandoned caravan in this vast landscape photography, the nomadic photographer turns his lense on to those moments you don’t usually see.

Opting to capture nature photographs on film, the colours and tones of the images offer realistic depth. Be it a lonesome American car out on the highway, a dramatic storm or the morning mist across a valley, these nature prints are captured with the most discerning eye.




Bisbee Roadside by Kevin Russ





Papercut Illustrations By Yetiland

Yetiland is an artist that always stays true to a very distinct and unique style. So, harnessing the papercut style of art that was first discovered in his childhood, angular and modern illustrations evoke familiar shapes like trees and the sun in a highly stylized way.

With a nod to traditional Japanese art, Yetiland infuses typical scenes like a curling wave, mountains and blossom trees with his own flavour. So the result is often attentively framed art scenes of nature in art, like the fox print of the vibrantly orange creature treading across snow in the dazzling rays of sunshine.







Rabbit and birds by Yetiland


Square Dream by Yetiland


Coral Nature Prints By Nick Nelson

Contemporary artist, Nick Nelson often delivers challenging and provocative images. In the first art print featured here, you will find a landscape in the style of a vintage poster, updated with a modern and smartly sardonic caption of typography art. The collection also includes an asymmetric piece of minimalist art imbuing the natural gradient of night and day with a warm coral tint.



Silhouette Davies Babies Art

The unique Colorado-based artist, Davies Babies, creates atmospheric animal art that offers a window into the natural landscapes they call home. Bold, modern art with distinctive shapes to form the centerpiece of any wall.

Challenging the relationship between man and nature, he also has an array of photographic portraits that feature human silhouettes too. Whilst he blends photography into more abstract art, most of all he pushes the double exposure effect to its limit.










Joyful Nature Illustrations By Terry Fan Art

Terry Fan’s whimsical depictions of nature in art will bring a smile to everybody’s face. Imaginative and fantastical, his ocean art features a truly giant whale. Also, playful flying elephants which would make an inspiring addition to a children’s bedroom. Additionally, the soft colours and delightfully painted texture gives Terry Fan’s underwater world a tranquil presence in the home.

If you’re looking for something a bit more adult though, there’s Fan’s tattoo art inspired memento mori, this skull art is mostly edgy but darkly beautiful.









Minimal Art By Robert Farkas

What more do you need than the simplicity of footsteps in the snow? Nature’s own minimalism is realized here through stylistic illustration in this Robert Farkas art print in a bright combination of red and blue.

The distinctive shapes of nature in art rendered in Farkas’ inky animal print are a great option for something that will really pop out on the wall. Most of all, his haunting and heroic portraits of wolves are fierce and evocative.






Nature Art By Nicebleed

Francis Minoza and Laurence Minoza are the sibling team that makes up Nicebleed. Their nature in art comes in a beautifully entangled form. Weaving together a fox with thorny branches and impaled wasps, this monochrome vision spiked with orange depicts a spiraling bird’s nest with plenty of intrigue.


Landscape Collage Art By Jesse Treece

Jesse Treece is a collage artist based in Seattle. He ingeniously matches together vintage photography to conjure absurd and memorable scenes – much like a holiday brochure for the weirdest trip of all time.

In these surprising vacation type prints you can find some romantic pool times seems to be straight out of the 70’s. Surrounded by a dramatic black and white rock face. Embracing nature in art, Treece has also created a playful and innocent collage of two children dancing in the valley. Additionally, did you notice that kids rule in these landscape images? A stream of them seem to cycle across an impossible path towards a naked woman watching from the rocks, or a giant child uses the city as if it’s his play pen.

Celebrating nature through wit and surrealism, in these landscape art prints, the hills really are alive with the sound of music.









Vintage Nature Prints By Teagan White

Inspired by vintage nature prints, Teagan White uses a wonderfully nostalgic colour palette to create arrangements of flora and fauna. Teagan creates from Minnesota, where she received her BFA in illustration from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design in 2012. Unsurprisingly, her spare time is spent trudging through forests and fields, making friends with gulls, watching rabbits play and wild flowers blossom.

Teagan White’s heartwarming collection of nature and art is blooming with autumnal colours and whimsical creatures like owls, butterflies, and bees perching on an oak tree. Whereas in some more gruesome tangles, creatures like deer and animal skulls are found gracefully returning to the earth. In one example of this, you have the contrast of new life with baby foxes playing and rabbits nestled in a burrow. A nearby skeleton vanishes into the ground.

A symphonic combination of illustration and watercolour form these detailed art prints. Humble and sweet, yet so alive with the wilderness and tragic reality of nature.









Sixties Abstract Landscape Art prints By Jazzberry Blue

Toronto-based artist, Jazzberry Blue has truly perfected her distinctive style. Designed to enrich the mind, spirit and home, just like the great outdoors, looking at nature in art from Jazzberry Blue is a truly enlivening experience.

Using a sizzling warm sixties colour palette, a minimalist poster of Colorado river in the Grand Canyon National Park offers a stripped-down souvenir of this striking landscape. In a collection of national parks from around the world, Jazzberry Blue showcases her modern design talent.

The wholesome landscape art is enriched by sunset colour gradient in hues of orange, pink and blue, this landscape art almost allows you to travel around the world in all its contrasting vastness and simplicity.

Travelling through time on that dream RV trip, Blue counts down to sunset through a burning wash of colour. In fact, why not even peak beneath the surface to discover the mysteries of the ocean in this landscape print of a giant octopus lurking in the water. Also, it seems like there’s a hint of those vintage nature prints to this one, updated with a brilliant blue, modern art finish.











Whimsical Nature in Art By Skye Zambrana

It’s rare to spot photographer, artist and designer Skye Zambrana without her camera. Having lived her entire life in a remote mountain retreat of California, the magnificence of the landscape is a constant inspiration for her nature in art.

Hold the world in the palm of your hand in this mind-bending nature photography print by Zambrana. Reminding us that just like in photography, we can carry our favourite images with us wherever we go.

Additionally, the stark and wintery tree seems humble and kind in an outstretched hand. What an ideal art print for an office space where sometimes you need to be assured that you can deal with more than you think. Furthermore, with an analog feel, the miniature nature print has a great sense of depth.

In another piece, Zambrana reminds us that good images are often in the simplicity of their arrangement. With this minimal and careful collection of feathers, there is a combining of nature with the stylistic hands of the artist. With the feathers’ varied shades of intricate browns and dazzling cobalt blue, there’s more than enough beauty in nature for these incredible objects to stand alone.





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