Glitch Pin-Up Collage series by Wayne Edson Bryan

Madison - Collage by Wayne Edson Bryan

In his Glitch Pin-Up Collage series, Wayne Edson Bryan of Virginia, U.S., creates hand-pieced collages using illustrated pin-up girls cut into strips and mixed into new combinations. The original illustrations reflect Americana from the 1940s and ’50s era. The technique and material used to create these images is a bit repetitive, since the 26 or more examples in this series appear to be exactly the same dimensions and the paper strips used to create the collage appear to be the same width. His other art does not always follow so strict a style. However, if one strives to find meaning in this, it could possibly be a comment on the way women are typically portrayed in pop culture, or on digital communication and its affect on people – the artist appears to leave this series’ exact meaning unexplained and open to interpretation. It also says on his website that for some of his work, he only publicly exhibits digital versions of the pieces and not the original paper ones, in order to enhance the statement on “realness” and “distortion” the work makes.

Daisy - Collage by Wayne Edson Bryan

Farrah - Collage by Wayne Edson Bryan


Gwen - Collage by Wayne Edson Bryan

Madison - Collage by Wayne Edson Bryan

Queenie - Collage by Wayne Edson Bryan

Yasmin & Yardley - Collage by Wayne Edson Bryan


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