Pop Art

Sci-Fi art print

Matthew Griffin’s Sci-Fi Illustrations

Here’s some awesome work by Irish illustrator and graphic designer Matthew Griffin. There’s a real vintage sci-fi feel here with the choice of colour…

The Secret Life of Batman by Rémi Noël

Ever wondered what Batman gets up to in his spare time? Wonder no more, because photographer Remi Noel has given us an exclusive insight. Armed with a camera equipped with a 50mm lens, Remi took his son’s Batman toy on an adventure around Texas – a state where everything is bigger according to the local saying – which is particularly poignant since Remi’s tongue in cheek photos depict Batman as a lonely figure in a big and intimidating world – something I’m sure we’ve all been able to identify with at some point in our lives.

Ale Giorgini - Breaking Bad

Ale Giorgini’s Alternative TV & Film Posters

A great TV or Film poster should not only look good on your wall, but remind you of just how great a film is. It should capture the feel of the film, and make you want to go back to it time and time again. Ale Giorgini’s alternative TV and film posters do just that. The Italy based artist seems to capture the essence of the Film in just one snapshot, and there’s no mistaking his unique style.