Tom McMeekin

Tom is a writer, artist, and multi-media guru from Pennsylvania, U.S. He holds a Master's in Journalism and Mass Communication, but he has also taken several university-level courses in fine arts, art appreciation, graphic design, printmaking, and Asian art. He has been blogging for Monde Mosaic since February 2014.

Notre Dame de Paris- Illustration by William Thomas Horton

Symbolist Illustrator William Thomas Horton

William Thomas Horton (1864-1919) is a classic black-and-white Symbolist illustrator in the style of Aubrey Beardsley — with whom Horton was friends.   Horton’s…

Moderate Love for Nature IV - Illustration by Nader Sharaf

Surreal Illustrations by Nader Sharaf

These surreal and quirky illustrations by Nader Sharaf play with scale in an interesting way, creating a magic world where regular-size and miniature people live side-by-side….