Hyemi Jeong’s Drawings Incorporate Everyday Objects

Tree - Art by Hyemi Jeong

These drawings by Hyemi Jeong are simple but awesome. Each uses a small found object as part of the design in a surprising way.


Robot - Art by Hyemi Jeong



Her images are mostly black ink drawings, with just a touch of colour here and there. The everyday materials she uses range from foods and things found in nature, to man-made plastic and metal things like pop can tabs, pins, and band-aids.

One shows jelly beans as fingernails, with orange beans for the painted nails and a white bean for one which is not yet painted. Knight has a medieval knight with his sword represented by a metal screw. A pencil sharpener becomes the head of a Robot.

For Reindeer, the artist takes a Canadian quarter — which has a reindeer’s head on it — and finishes the body of the reindeer as a drawing. A girl wrings out a piece of rotini pasta representing a wet towel in Squeeze. Two images show trees, one made by a pine cone with an insect underneath, another by a leaf with a drawing of a person reading underneath. It’s hard for me to pick favourites, because all the images are so cute and witty.

Jeong is originally from South Korea, but is currently an engineering student in Toronto, Canada. Although she says “Drawing is just my hobby,” I think these pictures show a lot of artistic talent and creativity, and I hope she continues to produce art.

Tree - Art by Hyemi Jeong



Squeeze - Art by Hyemi Jeong



 Reindeer- Art by Hyemi Jeong



Reading A Book - Art by Hyemi Jeong

Reading A Book


Knight - Art by Hyemi Jeong



Nail - Art by Hyemi Jeong


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