Ale Giorgini’s Group Portrait Art Prints of Cult Films & TV

Star Wars - Art Print by Ale Giorgini

These art prints, which are alternate posters for popular movies and TV shows, were designed by Ale Giorgini.

The Walking Dead - Art Print by Ale Giorgini

The Walking Dead

These art prints feature the cast of cult movies including The Big Lebowski, The Royal Tenenbaums, and Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction and Django Unchained. There are also posters for science fiction films Star Wars and Back to the Future and TV shows Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead.  The Breaking Bad art print is available in three different colours: greenblue, and yellow.

The designs are group portraits, which show all of the major characters — some more recognizable than others, depending how familiar you are with the films — and some include the iconic vehicles from the movies as well.


Giorgini has a unique and recognizable cartoon style. He captures the essence of these iconic characters with relatively few lines and many flat geometric shapes. The characters fit closely together — a single line might form the back of two people, with no space in between them — like a puzzle. They almost remind me of M.C. Escher’s tessellated prints of fish or lizards, except that these prints by Giorgini do not have a repeating image. The top of each design tends to have a background which shows the setting and sometimes the film’s name, but near the bottom of each there is basically no negative space at all between the characters. Each print also uses a limited colour palette, which adds to the minimalist effect. 

Giorgini lives in Italy, and in addition to his work for brands like Foot Locker, MTV, and Warner Bros., his cartoon work is regularly featured in several Italian magazines.


Star Wars - Art Print by Ale Giorgini

Star Wars


Pulp Fiction - Art Print by Ale Giorgini

Pulp Fiction


The Big Lebowski - Art Print by Ale Giorgini

The Big Lebowski


The Royal Tenenbaums - Art Print by Ale Giorgini

The Royal Tenenbaums


Django Unchained - Art Print by Ale Giorgini

Django Unchained


Breaking Bad (Green Version) - Art Print by Ale Giorgini

Breaking Bad (Green Version)


Blade Runner - Art Print by Ale Giorgini

Blade Runner


Back to the Future - Art Print by Ale Giorgini

Back to the Future


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