Fantastical Digital Illustrations by Gunel Gasanova

A Forest - Art by Gunel Gasanova

Illustrator Gunel Gasanova, from New York City, U.S.,  created these digital paintings. Each piece here is separate and has its own individual character and style. Some, like Sneaky, a picture of wolves in the dark woods, are very loosely sketched and show visible (digital) brushstrokes, while Still contains much more realistic details in the deer it pictures. These pieces, with the exception of Texture, are mostly black and white. The way she uses light and shadow gives the works a sense of magic or fantasy, even when the subjects is naturalistic (such as the animals). A Note is a book illustration of a boy in Paris, with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Texture, a girl in a red dress who appears to be floating, is reminiscent of many classic illustrations, but with a contemporary twist in the patterns that are used.

Sneaky - Art by Gunel Gasanova

A Forest  - Art by Gunel Gasanova

Texture  - Art by Gunel Gasanova

Moon  - Art by Gunel Gasanova

Still  - Art by Gunel Gasanova

A Note  - Art by Gunel Gasanova


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