Appropriated Photos and Loud Patterns Combine in Guy Catling’s Collages

Coats - Art by Guy Catling

These images from Guy Catling use appropriated source materials in a collage style that is simple yet intriguing. Many of the collages are created using a black-and-white historical photo, overlaid with pieces in colorful, loud, anachronistic patterns. People in the photos are given new shirts or coats, placed over them almost like paper dolls. Other items, including balloons, are given new coverings in a similar way. With other works, the individual pieces are more similar in appearance, but the artist combines them in a way that plays with scale and space (such as a giant hand rising from the ocean next to a coastline-highway). Catling is a graphic designer from Essex, U.K.

Jumpers - Art by Guy CatlingCoats - Art by Guy CatlingBalloons - Art by Guy CatlingCultures - Art by Guy CatlingKR36 - Art by Guy CatlingPyramids - Art by Guy CatlingSN50 - Art by Guy CatlingSwim - Art by Guy CatlingHand of God - Art by Guy CatlingFarway - Art by Guy Catling

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