Witchoria: Magical and Surreal Graphic Design

Not in Kansas anymore - Art by Witchoria

Graphic designer Witchoria (the wordplay-inspired pseudonym of Victoria Siemer, from New York City, U.S.) uses digital collage techniques to turn raw photos into surreal, otherworldly works of art. Some of the pieces create a psychedelic, kaleidoscope-like sensation. Others attain a surreal quality from the way the complex patterns in the original image are contained by the sharp “cut” edges of triangles, circles, and other basic geometric shapes. In these pictures, landscapes of mountains are superimposed with a second, upside-down image of the mountain, or pyramids and celestial bodies are created from a picture of grassy fields. Each of Witchoria’s works, though they vary widely in both subject and style, contains a similar element of magic and the unexpected. Deer Interrupted  - Art by WitchoriaLa Zu Dir (weit weg) - Art by Witchoria Not in Kansas anymore - Art by Witchoria Splitting threads of thunder over me - Art by Witchoria Art is hard - Art by Witchoria Art by Witchoria It was written in the stars - Art by Witchoria Sisyphus - Art by Witchoria vis-à-vis /ˌvēz ə ˈvē/  - Art by Witchoria

Tom is a writer, artist, and multi-media guru from Pennsylvania, U.S. He holds a Master's in Journalism and Mass Communication, but he has also taken several university-level courses in fine arts, art appreciation, graphic design, printmaking, and Asian art. He has been blogging for Monde Mosaic since February 2014.

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