Jason Raish’s Political- and Pop Culture-Inspired Illustrations

Obamacare - Illustration by Jason Raish

Jason Raish is an illustrator from New York, U.S. who has also lived and worked in several other countries, including South Korea, China, France, Spain and England. Some of these drawings are inspired by politics, such as Obamacare, which shows U.S. President Obama feeding broccoli to a man in a trucker hat, as if the man were a child. Another shows a hotel room at the Sochi Olympics, with a portrait of Russian President Putin riding a bear, side-by-side toilets, and a surveillance camera in the bathroom. Others are inspired by pop culture figures, including Bill Murray, The Wolf of Wall Street – Leonardo Dicaprio, and Elvis Costello and The Roots. In Les Parisiens – Vivien et Brian, part of Raish’s series drawing everyday people in Paris, he shows two men riding a Métro train. Each of these pieces is a pencil drawing which has been colored. Raish’s style is to have the faces of his subjects in realistic detail, with their bodies as a caricature-like line drawing.

Obamacare  - Illustration by Jason Raish

Sochi Olympics Hotel Putin Riding Bear Portrait  - Illustration by Jason Raish

Bill Murray - Illustration by Jason Raish

The Wolf of Wall Street - Leonardo Dicaprio - Illustration by Jason Raish

Elvis Costello and The Roots - Wise Up Ghosts - Illustration by Jason Raish

Les Parisiens - Vivien et Brian  - Illustration by Jason Raish

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