Nicolas Bruno Depicts His Nightmares in Photographs

Surreal Photography

Young photographer Nicolas Bruno creates surrealist photographs inspired by his frequent episodes of sleep paralysis: “I give the viewer a glimpse inside the strange and chilling qualities of a nonsensical nightmare. In order to obtain the full effect that I wish to achieve, I use numerous strange props to convey conceptual meaning and mystery”.

Sleep paralysis is a terrifying condition whereby sufferers experience temporary paralysis often accompanied by hallucinations and dream like mentations. After suffering with the condition for years, he turned to his love of photography to help him make sense of it all.

“Sometimes when I would wake up, I’d have shadow figures and hands grabbing at my neck, and I wouldn’t be able to move. Sometimes the room would shift, the walls would start melting and the windows would open and close. After not being able to move or scream, you’d just go along with the ride and have to experience it, no matter how terrifying it is”.

via Flickr

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