Moody, Sketch-like Drawings by Fatih Öztürk

Swing - Art by Fatih Öztürk

Fatih Öztürk, of Istanbul, Turkey, made these moody, sometimes minimalist drawings. These pieces have a loose, sketch-like quality. You can still see the brushstrokes and the texture of charcoal on rough paper (though in some instances, these are digital creations that mimic the other techniques). They are not quite black and white, but most are black on a toned blue-grey background, and those that use other colors do so sparingly. Rainy Morning shows the silhouette of a figure standing in front of a car, and it has an accompanying animation. Deep and Shark show a single diver and a shark, respectively, in an otherwise empty ocean. Writing shows a man staring out a window, while sitting at a table. While this contains the most close-up figure in these images, it is still an impressionistic style that lacks defined features.

Deep - Art by Fatih Öztürk


Hospital - Art by Fatih Öztürk


Rainy Morning - Art by Fatih Öztürk

Rainy Morning

Shark - Art by Fatih Öztürk


Swing - Art by Fatih Öztürk


Wall - Art by Fatih Öztürk


Writing - Art by Fatih Öztürk


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