Benoit Paille Photography

Visions/Hyper-Night Reality: New Photo Series By Benoit Paille

Canadian photographer Benoit Paille released another photo series on his Behance recently, entitled Visions/Hyper-night reality. According to Benoit, this work tries to deal with the concept of perception and memory. The photos were shot in his neighborhood during a late night walk, and are reminiscent of his past work. One thing that Benoit always does well is capture mood and lighting, and this series is no exception.

Skull Art

Sasha Vinogradova Explores The Different Styles Of Russian Folk Painting – On Skulls!

Sasha Vinogradova has chosen an interesting medium to showcase the different styles of Russian folk painting – Skulls! I didn’t know such distinct styles existed – but here they are: Khokloma, Gzhel, North Dvina, Zhostovo, Mezen and Gorodets, and they’re truly remarkable. This Skull Art is actually a poster series, and is available to buy from her website.

Andrea Colombu Food Art

Andrea Colombu’s Portraits Superimpose Food Onto People’s Faces

In this series of portraits, photographer and artist Andrea Colombu superimposes a variety of different foods onto human faces with interesting results. Interestingly, the only colour present in the images comes from the food – the faces and the background are all black and white – and it is this colour which really makes the images come alive – kind of what food does really – gives us life!

stephan dessaint photography

Stephan Dessaint’s Idyllic Art Photography

If like me you’re feeling the January blues this is the perfect antidote. French photographer Stephan Dessaint whisks us away to an idyllic beach somewhere far away from all the cold and rain, in this series of art photographs. With so many beautiful people in one place you might think that photoshop played a part in constructing the scenes, but no according to Stephan all the scenes are real, only the colouring has been touched up to give us that “holiday heaven” feel.

Totto Renna pixel art

Pixel Artist Totto Renna Reinterprets Classic Video Games As Real-World Scenes

Berlin based illustrator and graphic designer Totto Renna has put his own humorous spin on three classic video games, by reinterpreting them as real life scenes. Frogger causes chaos after a car accident, pacman is arrested for murder and a pong tournament keeps the pixel crowds entertained – got to love Totto’s sense of humour and the level of detail in his work.

The Secret Life of Batman by Rémi Noël

Ever wondered what Batman gets up to in his spare time? Wonder no more, because photographer Remi Noel has given us an exclusive insight. Armed with a camera equipped with a 50mm lens, Remi took his son’s Batman toy on an adventure around Texas – a state where everything is bigger according to the local saying – which is particularly poignant since Remi’s tongue in cheek photos depict Batman as a lonely figure in a big and intimidating world – something I’m sure we’ve all been able to identify with at some point in our lives.

sand art

Microscopic Grains Of Sand Photographed By Dr Gary Greenberg

I thought I knew what sand looked like, sand is sand right? Wrong! This is what sand actually looks like, magnified hundreds of times and photographed by Dr Gary Greenberg, who’s self-proclaimed mission is to “reveal the secret beauty of the microscopic landscape that makes up our everyday world”. Well he’s certainly done that here, and it just makes you wander what else our feeble eyes are missing out on.