150 Fake Security Cameras by Urban Artist Spy

urban art

Spy is an urban artist hailing from Spain whose first endeavors date back to the mid-eighties. After dabbling with Graffiti, he started to explore other forms of artistic communication in the street, and creating unique urban art with a message remains his passion. The bulk of his production stems from the observation of the city and an appreciation of its components, not as inert elements but as a palette of materials overflowing with possibilities.

His work often offers commentary on urban reality, much like this piece. Here, although the 150 fake security cameras aren’t able to see a thing, it’s the emotion they evoke that matters, and what they symbolise in today’s age of the NSA, big data and increasing concern regarding privacy. Entitled “Cameras” Spy latest urban art project can be found in Madrid.

urban art

unique urban art

modern art

unique modern art

street art

modern street art

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