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Matt Furie’s Weird And Wonderful Art

Really enjoyed browsing through Matt’s portfolio of weird and wonderful art! His illustrations are fun and wacky, but not overtly weird. He says his…

Ale Giorgini - Breaking Bad

Ale Giorgini’s Alternative TV & Film Posters

A great TV or Film poster should not only look good on your wall, but remind you of just how great a film is. It should capture the feel of the film, and make you want to go back to it time and time again. Ale Giorgini’s alternative TV and film posters do just that. The Italy based artist seems to capture the essence of the Film in just one snapshot, and there’s no mistaking his unique style.

Francesco Romoli’s Imaginary Towns

These ghostly dioramas are the work of Italian artist Francesco Romoli. Part of a series called Imaginary Towns, Francesco creates the scenes out of cardboard before photographing them with his Canon 1000D, masterfully utilising lighting and shadow to add incredible depth and feeling. Once photographed the solitary figures are then added in digitally to complete the eery, ghostly scenes. You can find out more about Francesco on his website!

Diet Wiegman’s Shadow Sculptures

Dutch artist Diet Wiegman has a varied portfolio of work which includes sculpture, painting and photography. But arguably his most creative works are these shadow sculptures most of which actually date back to the 1980s (Wiegman was born in 1944). You can browse more work on his Tumblr or find out more about Diet on Alofoto.

Life inside your Computer

“Newsmaker”, a member of Russian PC modding forum, gives us an insight into what really goes on inside your PC. His living-room-inside-a-PC comes complete with miniature chairs, a rug, coffee table, standing lamp and what appears to be a gumball machine…

Michael Johansson’s real life Tetris

Michael Johansson’s Tetris-like arrangements caught our eye recently. The Swedish artist packs all manner of objects from keyboards and computers to furniture and cars, into well thought out, colourful installations as evidenced below.