Vibrant Animal Art Prints by Robert Farkas

Vulpes Vulpes - Art Print by Robert Farkas

These animal art prints are designed by Robert Farkas. The images combine traditional watercolour techniques with digital painting and collage in a way I find absolutely stunning.

Many of the illustrations are portraits of animals. Some of them look more like photographs which have been edited and layered together with geometric shapes (such as triangles and lightning bolts). Others are more painterly and show brush strokes and bright, loose washes of colour — these are my personal favourites. The print called Rorschach is also very interesting: I can see many different animal shapes and outlines in the “ink blots” of this design.

Sunny Leo shows a male lion in extraordinarily vibrant colours wearing sunglasses. Daylight Moon, Wolf Rocks, and Alone as a Wolf show wolves: one howling, one snarling, and one staring straight at you. Foxes are featured in several other of his designs, including Rorschach, Alone in the Forest, and Vulpes Vulpes (named for the scientific name of the red fox). Punk Bird is a fiery orange and red bird, an impressionistic cardinal-shaped bird, wearing thick-framed hipster glasses.

Farkas is from Budapest, Hungary, and he works as an animator and web designer in addition to his personal illustration projects. He comes from a family of artists, including his grandfather, filmmaker Tamas Fejer; his great-uncle, fluorescent ink creator Kasmer Fejer; and his mother, a photographer.

He began both drawing and teaching himself graphic design computer programs at an early age. “I really like to mix digital and traditional arts; my favourite technique is computer manipulated watercolour painting,” he says.


Daylight Moon - Art Print by Robert Farkas

Daylight Moon


Alone as a Wolf - Art Print by Robert Farkas

Alone as a Wolf


Alone in the Forest - Art Print by Robert Farkas

Alone in the Forest


Wolf Rocks - Art Print by Robert Farkas

Wolf Rocks


Sunny Leo - Art Print by Robert Farkas

Sunny Leo


Rorschach - Art Print by Robert Farkas



Vulpes Vulpes - Art Print by Robert Farkas

Vulpes Vulpes


Punk Bird - Art Print by Robert Farkas

Punk Bird

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