Art in the Eats: Tisha Cherry’s Amazing Pop Culture Food Art

MCA Beastie Boys Coffee - Art by Tisha Cherry @tishacherry

Instagram is known for foodies documenting their favourite dishes, but Tisha Cherry raises the bar for artistic food pictures with her project #ArtintheEats. She uses liquids like coffee and soy sauce to create ink paintings, sculpts the cream in Oreo cookies to create bas-relief, and uses M&Ms as mosaic tiles. These images show a wide variety of pop culture icons. I’m glad this artist plays with her food!

Simpsons Sriracha Sauce - Art by Tisha Cherry @tishacherry

Pigeon Ice Cream Cone - Art by Tisha Cherry @tishacherry

Pharell Girl Ketchup - Art by Tisha Cherry @tishacherry

Panda Black Sesame Seeds - Art by Tisha Cherry @tishacherry

Pac Man M&Ms  - Art by Tisha Cherry @tishacherry

MCA Beastie Boys Coffee - Art by Tisha Cherry @tishacherry

Great Wave Oreo - Art by Tisha Cherry @tishacherry

Banksy Oreo - Art by Tisha Cherry @tishacherry


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