Ayu Nakata’s Soft, Paranormal Drawings

Get Lost - Drawing by Ayu Nakata

Ayu Nakata‘s drawings are both intriguing and haunting. They use soft colors and lots of subtle lines to interesting effect. The images leave me uneasy, though I’m not really sure how to interpret them — and they have just a touch of the paranormal about them, though it is very subtle. The artist is from Osaka, Japan.


From No Longer Human - Drawing by Ayu Nakata

From No Longer Human

Get Lost - Drawing by Ayu Nakata

Get Lost

Hi-z - Drawing by Ayu Nakata


Homemade - Drawing by Ayu Nakata


Ji-e-wai One - Drawing by Ayu Nakata

Ji-e-wai One

Save You - Drawing by Ayu Nakata

Save You

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