Freefall: Conceptual Photography by Lee Howell

“Falling with style” is how conceptual photographer Lee Howell describes his project Freefall. The first six images released in this series show fashionably-dressed people in urban settings, tripping down stairs, slipping from rooftops, and in other situations that are simultaneously awkward and beautiful. The photos are processed in a vivid, HDR style which enhances the sense of hyper-reality the photographer has captured. Howell, from Edinburgh, UK, specializes in creative advertising and contemporary editorial portraiture.

Man Tripping Down Stairs Surrounded by Pigeons - Photo by Lee Howell

Man Being Pulled by a Dog - Photo by Lee Howell

Business Woman with Scattered Papers - Photo by Lee Howell

A Man Carrying Flowers Being Tripped - Photo by Lee Howell

A Young Woman Falling from a Rooftop - Photo by Lee Howell

Glamourous Woman on a Sinking Boat - Photo by Lee Howell

Via Behance

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