Historical Hipsters: Illustrated Portraits by Fab Ciraolo

Charlie Chaplin - Illustration by Fab Ciraolo

In this group of illustrated portraits, Fab Ciraolo takes pop culture icons and gives them a modern update.


Marilyn Monroe - Illustration by Fab Ciraolo


The collection includes both real-life historical figures and well-known movie characters. Mother Theresa, Princess Diana, Che Guevara, Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, and many others are featured. Many of the celebrities are given an updated wardrobe;  they are dressed in contemporary indie rock or hipster fashions, or they are given accessories like iPhones, cigarettes, or tattoos. They’re wearing T-Shirts for bands such as The Black Keys, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and The Drums. Pablo Picasso is re-imagined as a street artist, sitting with cans of spray paint in front of a graffiti statement about art. The backgrounds are extremely colourful, almost psychedelic, and they frequently combine images of outer space and floral designs. I think the portraits are very amusing thanks to their ironic and anachronistic qualities, but they’re also just cool to look at because of the interesting artistic style.

Princess Diana - Illustration by Fab Ciraolo


Mother Teresa De Culcuta  - Illustration by Fab Ciraolo

Teresa De Culcuta

Charlie Chaplin - Illustration by Fab Ciraolo


The Shining Twins - Illustration by Fab Ciraolo

The Shining

Alfred Hitchcock - Illustration by Fab Ciraolo


Pablo Picasso - Illustration by Fab Ciraolo


El Che Guevara - Illustration by Fab Ciraolo

El Che

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