Metaphorical, Expressive Illustrations by Nick Sadek

Liquidation - Illustration by Nick Sadek

These metaphorical illustrations by Nick Sadek, from Illinois, U.S., were created for a variety of magazines and other projects. The works include both gouache and digital paintings. I really enjoy how the artist uses expressive strokes of colour to add highlights and dimension, and I also like how he maintains his style consistently through different media.

Agoraphobia, about the fear of leaving one’s home, shows a man with a small house locked around him like the pillory or stocks that were once used for public punishment. Heondic Hunger shows a woman carrying a slice of pumpkin pie, and you can almost taste how delicious the pie is from her expression and the way the steam rises around her. The subject of creativity and art majors in the business world is covered in Out with the Old, In with the New, where an artist is shown painting over a picture of a man in a suit. Sadek also created a portrait of singer/songwriter Sam Beam, also known by his stage name Iron & Wine, with the singer’s face as clouds and beard as rolling, hay-covered hills.

Agoraphobia - Illustration by Nick Sadek


All In My Head, But Out Of My Mind - Illustration by Nick Sadek

All In My Head, But Out Of My Mind

Changes in the Tide - Illustration by Nick Sadek

Changes in the Tide

Hedonic Hunger - Illustration by Nick Sadek

Hedonic Hunger

Liquidation - Illustration by Nick Sadek


Out With the Old, In With the New - Illustration by Nick Sadek

Out With the Old, In With the New

Sam Beam - Illustration by Nick Sadek

Sam Beam

Technical Difficulties - Illustration by Nick Sadek

Technical Difficulties

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