Painterly Political Illustrations by Mauricio Parra

Multinational Occupation - Cartoon by Mauricio Parra

Mauricio Parra tackles a variety of subjects in his political cartoons. Three Women Nowadays is a unique take on the “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil” maxim, and it shows a woman in a hijab, a nun in a traditional habit, and a woman wearing a ski mask and rainbow-colored shirt. Snooper shows a man wearing a lampshade in a little girl’s room while she talks on the phone. Others comment on environmental issues, such as Multinational Occupation, which shows a businessman using money to “snort” the rain forest like a drug, and two images featuring polar bears in danger from the oil industry. Some of these use a typical editorial cartoon style, but I especially like the illustrations that use more painterly colors and textures. Parra is from Bogota, Colombia.

Bad Magician - Cartoon by Mauricio Parra

Bad Magician

Fake Messiah - Cartoon by Mauricio Parra

Fake Messiah

Migration - Cartoon by Mauricio Parra


Multinational Occupation - Cartoon by Mauricio Parra

Multinational Occupation

New Media - Cartoon by Mauricio Parra

New Media

Polar Bear - Cartoon by Mauricio Parra

Polar Bear

Polar Bear on Glass - Cartoon by Mauricio Parra

Polar Bear on Glass

Snooper - Cartoon by Mauricio Parra


Three Women Nowadays - Cartoon by Mauricio Parra

Three Women Nowadays

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