Quirky Beanbag Furniture from Woouf!

Burger & Beer - Beanbag Furniture by Woouf!

This awesome food and pop culture-inspired furniture by Woouf! just might make you “hungry” to do some redecorating.


Cornet - Ice Cream Cone - Beanbag Furniture by Woouf!


Woouf! is a design studio and online store based in Spain, which sells cute, quirky home furnishings. The beanbags, pillows, and other items look like a variety of delicious-looking foods, electronics, animals, and toys.

The beanbags include treats like ice cream cones, doughnuts, hamburgers, French fries, and beer cans. There are also a couple of beanbags covered in sprinkles or zig-zag lines with a pair of eyes. Several other items pay homage to music and resemble audio recording equipment, such as a synthesizer or speakers. They even have a series of cushions based on The Beatles’ album covers.

I think the doughnut ones are my favourites, and they come in strawberry and chocolate variations. Some of the pieces are a bit more realistic and others are a bit more cartoon styled, but both types work well.

Yummy & Yummy Chocolate - Doughnut - Beanbag Furniture by Woouf!

Yummy & Yummy Chocolate


Cupcake Pink - Beanbag Furniture by Woouf!

Cupcake Pink


New Cushions Collection - Beanbag Furniture by Woouf!

New Cushions Collection


Burger & Beer - Beanbag Furniture by Woouf!

Burger & Beer


Sweety - Beanbag Furniture by Woouf!



Ziggy - Beanbag Furniture by Woouf!



Wooufall - Music Amp Speaker - Beanbag Furniture by Woouf!



Sofa Moog - Music Synthesizer - Beanbag Furniture by Woouf!

Sofa Moog

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