Cute Forest Animal Characters Illustrated by Laura Graves

Cozy Chipmunk - Art Print by Laura Graves

These adorable animal art prints are by Canadian illustrator Laura GravesI really appreciate the cute but realistic style in which she draws all her animals. Also, I like how each of the drawings combines a traditional-looking illustration approach for the main nature subjects with a few flourishes and effects which look more modern and geometric.

I am obsessed with bunny rabbits, so I love that they are a recurring theme in her illustrations. Spring, Fox and Rabbit, and Cozy Chipmunk — the last of which features a chipmunk and a rabbit cuddling in a knit winter hat — all feature rabbits.

Some of her animal art prints are portraits of woodland creatures with slightly anthropomorphic qualities, including Zissou the Bear (wearing a hat), Fox (wearing a scarf), and Leopard Changing His Spots (smoking a pipe). Others are vignette style pictures, such as St. Peters-burg, which shows one of that city’s landmark churches on a geometric iceberg, surrounded by a few oceanic animals like whales and narwhals. Have Love, Will Travel features a hot air balloon with interesting patterns. Birdhouse Revisited is a peacock surrounded by a house — Alice-in-Wonderland style, with its head protruding from the doorway and its colourful feathers sticking out of the chimney. Each picture has a fantastic sense of character.

You can purchase these nature art prints and other illustrations by Laura Graves from arthaus.


Birdhouse Revisited - Art Print by Laura Graves

Birdhouse Revisited


Spring - Art Print by Laura Graves



Have Love, Will Travel - Art Print by Laura Graves

Have Love, Will Travel


Fox and Rabbit - Art Print by Laura Graves

Fox and Rabbit


Zissou the Bear - Art Print by Laura Graves

Zissou the Bear


Fox - Art Print by Laura Graves



Cozy Chipmunk - Art Print by Laura Graves

Cozy Chipmunk


Leopard Changes His Spots - Art Print by Laura Graves

Leopard Changes His Spots


St. Peters-burg - Art Print by Laura Graves

St. Peters-burg


Bengal Mandala - Art Print by Laura Graves

Bengal Mandala

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