Coffee Books and Cats - Animated GIF by Maori Sakai

Maori Sakai’s Cute, Seasonal Animated GIFs

Japanese illustrator Maori Sakai has created a bunch of adorable animated GIFs with seasonal themes. The illustrations are vignettes in soft colours. I think they have an…

Plane Toss - Animated GIF by Scorpion Dagger - James Kerr

Funny Renaissance Art GIFs by James Kerr

These animated GIFs are filled with crude humour and anachronistic imagery. Collage artist James Kerr, also known as Scorpion Dagger, brings the characters of…

Drawing by Ville Kallio

Weird Digital Drawings by Ville Kallio

Ville Kallio‘s drawings are extremely strange. They are very gestural and the artist even refers to them as “doodles,” but they are oddly fascinating….