Illustrations by Victoria Borges

In Defiance of Memory - Art by Victoria Borges

These illustrations by Victoria Borges use a variety of techniques, including graphite drawing, digital painting, and screen printing. Each piece also has its own unique style.¬†The Beautiful and the Damned, about the decline of an outdoor mall, shows a woman carrying shopping bags surrounded by people walking dogs. Monty — “a¬†project about what lies at the end of the road” — contains a man riding a bike along a snake-shaped winding road, with a flower-decorated skull at its end. I especially like the multiple layers of semi-transparent colors which Borges uses in this and some other pieces. Age of Anxiety is a portrait of a woman with Marie Antoinette-style hair and tattoos covering her body, while In Defiance of Memory has a woman with a stream of Polaroid pictures coming out of her mouth. Borges is from Virginia, U.S.

The Beautiful and Damned - Art by Victoria Borges

The Beautiful and Damned


In Defiance of Memory - Art by Victoria Borges

In Defiance of Memory


Airplane Angst - Art by Victoria Borges

Airplane Angst


Age of Anxiety - Art by Victoria Borges

Age of Anxiety


Don't Lose Your Ghosts - Art by Victoria Borges

Don’t Lose Your Ghosts


Monty - Art by Victoria Borges



Friends Forever - Art by Victoria Borges

Friends Forever







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