Zagara Defies Brick’s Utilitarian Role With Figurative Sculptures

Le monde encroyable (The Amazing World) - Sculpture by Zagara

Although bricks are often used in utilitarian construction, Dutch artist Zagara uses them in new and interesting ways in his sculptures. Sometimes he does use them in a more traditional way, with the bricks stacked and held together with mortar. However, often he further cuts and shapes these creations after the mortar has dried. In other pieces, he doesn’t use mortar at all, but shapes single bricks or holds multiple pieces  together with wire or other methods. The result is a wide variety of figurative sculptures, from chairs, to balls, to clouds, that made me think about this common material in a new way.

Four Roses and One Day - Sculpture by Zagara

Four Roses and One Day


Geheime receptuur (Secret Recipe) - Sculpture by Zagara

Geheime receptuur (Secret Recipe)


Sleeping Beauty - Sculpture by Zagara

Sleeping Beauty


Toy Truck - Sculpture by Zagara


Le monde encroyable (The Amazing World) - Sculpture by Zagara

Le monde encroyable (The Amazing World)



Urban Landscape

Urban Landscape


Automat - Sculpture by Zagara



Absolutly Cloud - Sculpture by Zagara

Absolutely Cloud 



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  • Reply January 20, 2015


    . . . bricks seemed hard and rough until I start talking to them and noticed they have a fetish side. They remember to be clay and before that rock. One’s in that attitude one hears wonderful stories . . .
    Thanks Monde Mosaic for showing my work here. Zagara

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