Dimitri Daniloff’s Photos Launch New “Milk Life” Ad Campaign Upward

Milk Life is the newest advertising campaign for the American dairy industry, replacing the familiar Got Milk? ads that have appeared for the last two decades.

Dimitri Daniloff created these conceptual photos for Milk Life, which show everyday people in motion surrounded by large splashes of milk. In one advertisement, the milk forms a superhero-style cape on a young boy as he jumps around his living room. In other photos, the milk just creates an interesting swirl which follows the motion of a breakdancer, a garage band member, or a basketball player. These vivid, brightly colored images that capture movement in a still shot are strikingly different than most of the celebrity “milk moustache” portraits of the previous campaign.

Daniloff is from Paris, France, but his work has appeared in advertising for a wide range of international brands including Absolute Vodka, Sony Playstation, Doc Martens, Nike, Amnesty International, and more. His editorial work also includes photos of musicians Daft Punk and The Black Eyed Peas.

Basketball Player Milk Life - Photo by Dimitri Daniloff Breakdancer Milk Life - Photo by Dimitri Daniloff Boy with Superhero Cape Milk Life - Photo by Dimitri Daniloff Garage Band Playing Milk Life - Photo by Dimitri Daniloff Girl Jumping into Pool - Milk Life - Photo by Dimitri Daniloff

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