Little Ideas Prove Inspirational for Driv Loo

Driv Loo is the founder and art director behind LIE (Little Ideas Everyday), a design studio in Malaysia. These images, which he calls “daily practice on nonsense ideas,” show his philosophy of  constantly seeking fresh approaches and taking the time to explore design each day. These are simple and uncluttered, yet demonstrate carefully planned and executed concepts and showcase vivid colors. Although they are photographs, the truly inspired part of the work is the art direction and set design, which uses toys, cut paper, pencils, and other everyday objects in a creative way.

Toy man with arm cut off - Art Direction by Driv Loo

Duck toys jumping - - Art Direction by Driv Loo

Polaroid camera with rainbow - Art Direction by Driv Loo

Plant with panda decoratio n - Art Direction by Driv Loo

Toy animal surrounded by toy people- Art Direction by Driv Loo

Watering can with rainbow- Art Direction by Driv Loo

Colored pencils in a sprial - Art Direction by Driv Loo

Suitcase with water inside - Art Direction by Driv Loo

Via Behance


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