Controllers: Javier Laspiur Honors 30 Years of Playing Video Games

Nintendo - 1986

Javier Laspiur created this fascinating photographic series Controllers to commemorate the dates he first played various video game consoles. Beginning in 1983 with Teletenis and going through 2013 with the PlayStation Vita, he chronicles 30 years of playing video games.

Multiple Nintendo, Sega, and Sony Playstation consoles are featured, along with a few others like Atari and X-box. In each image, Laspiur is holding the controller for the game system, and you can often see the rest of the console, or perhaps some cartridges, out of focus in the background. Each poster also includes the game system’s logo and the date.

I really like how in each photo he’s wearing different clothing and watches appropriate for the time period, but I would have liked to see this idea expanded with even more of the backgrounds.

Laspiur is also an art director in Madrid, Spain, where he has worked on advertising campaigns for several video games and consoles.

Teletenis - 1983 Casio - 1984 Atari - 1985 Nintendo - 1986 Sega Master System - 1987 Nintendo GameBoy - 1989 Sega Mega Drive - 1990 Sega Game Gear - 1991 Super Nintendo - 1992 Sega Mega CD - 1994 Nintendo N64 - 1996 Sega Saturn - 1997 Sony PlayStation - 1998 Sony PlayStation 2 PS2 - 2000 Sega Dreamcast - 2001 Nintendo GameCube - 2002 Microsoft Xbox - 2003 Sony PlayStation Portable PSP - 2004 Nintendo DS - 2006 Nintendo Wii - 2008 Sony PlayStation 3 PS3 - 2010 Sony PlayStation Vita PSVita- 2013 controllers

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