Cool Animated GIFs from “Master Vector Ninja” Gerrel Saunders

Before the Storm - Illustration by Gerrel Saunders

Gerrel Saunders (aka Gaks) is an illustator from Trinidad and Tobago. In these animated GIFs, from the series Anywhere But Here, Saunders creatively ads just a subtle bit of movement to mostly-still images.

One image shows flickering light and vapor from a cigarette. Another shows a woman’s body, with a flashing image of her ribcage, almost like an x-ray image. In Inner Demons, which is the busiest GIF, a woman’s face turns into a skull, while the entire image is filled with visual “noise” and “snow” glitches. Otherwise, the designs are simple line drawings with minimal movement that use only tones of black, white, and grey.

The artist describes himself as a “master vector ninja” and says, “In my work, the themes and arrangements are uncomplicated, but invite the viewer to plunge in and bring their own opinion, speculation and interpretation to the forefront.”

All I Have to Give - Illustration by Gerrel Saunders Angel - Illustration by Gerrel Saunders Before the Storm - Illustration by Gerrel Saunders Cupid - Illustration by Gerrel Saunders I'll Be Fine - Illustration by Gerrel Saunders

gaks gif 2gaks gif

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