Jon Juarez: Illustrations With an Expressive, Trembling Trace

Focaperro - Illustration by Jon Juarez

These pencil drawings, augmented with digital color, are by Jon Juarez. I appreciate the line quality, which has what the artist refers to as a “trembling trace” — this gives the illustrations an loose feeling, but takes careful work by the artist to achieve. 

The first few illustrations are for book covers: One is for Moscú 2042 (Moscow 2042), a dystopian satire novel by Vladimir Voinovich. Y así Berlín (And Berlin), showing a woman flying through the air over a circus tent, is for a book of poetry by the artist’s sister, Uxue Gaztelu Juarez. Another, Barthelme y su Globo, shows a giant balloon filling New York City, to accompany The Teachings of Don B by Donald Barthelme.

Focaperro was used as a poster for a film festival in Juarez’s home of San Sebastián, Spain. Some of the other illustrations here are for the artist’s own comic books and other projects.

Moscú 2042 - Illustration by Jon Juarez

Moscú 2042

Y así Berlín - Illustration by Jon Juarez

Y así Berlín

Barthelme y su Globo - Illustration by Jon Juarez

Barthelme y su Globo

Boston - Illustration by Jon Juarez



Focaperro - Illustration by Jon Juarez


Sebastopol - Illustration by Jon Juarez


Sebastopol - Illustration by Jon Juarez


Mediterraneo - Illustration by Jon Juarez









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