Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying: Violent, Crafty Scenes by Gerwyn Davies

The Butcher - Photo by Gerwyn Davies

Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying is a series of photographs by Gerwyn Davies. In addition to being a photographer, Davies works in costume design, and the crafty, sewn pieces in these photos show this talent. Each scene contains soft sculptures made of white fabric, with visible and intentionally rough stitching in black thread. Red and yellow thread is also used in some scenes, usually with the red representing blood. The violent and controversial subjects of these images include a butcher shop with cleavers and large pieces of hanging meat, a gun shop, a public restroom, and a boxing ring. Each piece is imbued with a sense of dark humor, from the highly stylized way these disturbing scenes are created. Davies is from Brisbane, Australia.

The Butcher  - Photo by Gerwyn DaviesThe Locker Room - Photo by Gerwyn DaviesThe Prisoner  - Photo by Gerwyn DaviesThe Gun Shop  - Photo by Gerwyn DaviesThe Toilet - Photo by Gerwyn DaviesThe Laneway - Photo by Gerwyn DaviesThe Morgue  - Photo by Gerwyn DaviesThe Mechanic - Photo by Gerwyn DaviesThe Strip Joint - Photo by Gerwyn DaviesThe Boxer  - Photo by Gerwyn Davies

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